Leaving Lobo

Friday 31st October, dismantling the base camp. In the morning we start packing at the base camp. The tents and tarpaulins have to be folded up, but above all, the equipment and all the precious samples must be put away. The cooks are busy preparing lunch before the kitchen is packed up as well. After lunch, the material is transferred … Continue reading

The return of Laurent, Marc & Co.

Wednesday 29th October, from the ground base camp. Laurent and Marc (ichthyologists), accompanied by Jean-Marc (a photographer) and Olivier (a filmmaker), came back tonight at nightfall. Despite their tiredness, they told us all about their adventures. They travelled about 60 kilometres on foot across very rugged terrain to reach three lakes that are not easily accessible and rarely visited by … Continue reading

A nice day in Lobo

Monday 27th October, from the ground base camp. This morning, Sophie has gone to sea with Jean and Jean-Pierre who have volunteered to be the skippers, accompanied by Aurélien and Simon from the film crew. The programme includes finding and identifying the dolphins that were spotted the day before in Triton’s bay. After an hour of wandering on a very … Continue reading