On our way to Kaimana

Saturday 8th November, from the dhow.

Saturday is being spent travelling from Urisa to Kaimana. We should have reached our destination (the Kumawa mountain range) without passing through Kaimana again, but an unexpected event has obliged us to return. Indeed, the Airaha 2’s captain has lost a relative and has gone back home to Sorong for a few days. The Airaha 2, which must transport some passengers to Kumawa, is stuck in Kaimana until Monday.

The trip on the dhow is animated. It gets stuck in the mud twice, but we finally arrive at our destination in the evening. On board the atmosphere is relaxed. It is the opportunity for the teams who were on different sites to talk about their adventures. There are also those who make the most of this time to rest or read a book.

On the roof of the dhow – Copyright : S. Quérouil / IRD

On the roof of the dhow – Copyright : S. Quérouil / IRD

pdf icon Jean-christophe, a palm tree specialist, wrote a short summary (in French) about his findings.

(translated by 2nd-year Earth Science students, L2 ST, group 3, UM2, France)