Loading the containers before an evening in town

Monday 24th November, from the APSOR in Sorong.

Today we have to clean up the Zodiac dinghies, prepare equipment checklists for each box and load the two containers. One will be sent to Montpellier and the other one to Jakarta.

Régis listing the equipment in Sorong– Copyright : S. Quérouil / IRD

Régis listing the equipment in Sorong – Copyright: S. Quérouil / IRD

Once this work is done, a group leaves to go into town for grocery shopping, and also stops in a batik shop. Back at the camp, we get to see them trying their new clothes on. A real fashion show!

The evening gives us another excuse to dress up and inaugurate the batik shirts. Mona Lisa invites everyone to dinner as a token of gratitude for our cooperation in the making of their movies.

Hubert looking smart! – Copyright : S. Quérouil / IRD

Hubert looking smart! – Copyright: S. Quérouil / IRD

The evening is a success. The atmosphere is relaxed, the beer is refreshing, and the fries are a nice change from rice–in other words, a very pleasant farewell party and a good preparation for our return to France.

(translated by Lara Denis, L2 SVC–Life & Earth Sciences–UM2, France)