Entomology team


The entomology surface team will explore several types of ecosystems at various altitudes. The targeted areas are :

  1. the surroundings of the Nusa Ulan village, from the coastal area to the summits of the nearby mountains,
  2. the surroundings of the Wanoma village and slopes of the Seraran anticline,
  3. the slope of the Berari anticline along Lake Sewiki,
  4. the Berari summit,
  5. the surroundings of the Lobo village to the summit of the Lamansiere range,
  6. the forest surroundings of Cape Tanjung Boi,
  7. the underground networks of the River Mbuta.

The focus of the underground team will be more on the Seraran underground networks (Jabuenggara Cave), Berari and the region of Lake Kamaka.

Araignée © Philippe Gaucher

© Philippe Gaucher

The team’s interest is on the collection and study of various groups of insects and arachnids. It includes a group of scientists working in underground and soil environments, and another specialising in open air and overhead environments.

The underground group will concentrate on the diversity of collembola and arachnids, and will rely on the experience of the caving team to enter the caves and reach the oligotrophic, or conversely guano-rich microhabitats. The collecting methods are diverse, and include aspiration, trapping in cups, sieving or observation techniques. The micro fauna collected will be stored in alcohol solutions for further examination.

The surface group will assess the diversity of odonates[glossary], [glossary id='675' slug='hymenopter']hymenoptera and arachnids, from the litter to the canopy. Capture is ensured by light trapping, the use of nets, or the technique involving shaking branches into a white sheet.

All collected samples will be dried, and assembled in vew of further analysis following the same protocol set up for other zoology teams.

Mise en collection d'insecte par Giyanto  © Sinung Baskoro

Giyanto adding insects to a collection
© Sinung Baskoro

Team members

Team leader Cahyo Rahmadi Scientist Sampling, taxonomy, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Team leader Louis Deharveng Scientist Sampling, taxonomy MNHN France
Anne Bedos Scientist Sampling, taxonomy MNHN France
Arnaud Faille Scientist Sampling, taxonomy MNHN France
Endang Cholik Technician Sampling, referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Evi Warikar Scientist Sampling, taxonomy UNCEN Jayapura Indonesia
Fatimah Technician Referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Giyanto Technician Sampling RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Jean-Marc Porte photographer Photography IRD France
Pungki Lupiyaningdyah Scientist Odonata, sampling, taxonomy RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Sarino Technician Referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Tony Robillard Scientist Sampling, taxonomy MNHN France
Wara Asfiya Scientist Hymenoptera, sampling, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Yayouk R. Suhardjono Scientist Sampling, taxonomy, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia