Herpetology team


The team is planning to explore several types of ecosystems at various altitudes. These environments include the forests (from litter to canopy), the lapiez, the lake and marsh shores, and more isolated environments such as the endhoreic valleys or other altitude areas.

The regions targeted are :

  1. the surroundings of the Nusa Ulan village, from the coastal area to the summits of the mountains,
  2. the surroundings of the Wanoma village and slopes of the Seraran anticline,
  3. the slope of the Berari anticline along Lake Sewiki,
  4. the surroundings of the Lobo village to the summit of the Lamansiere range,
  5. the forest surroundings of Cape Tanjung Boi,
  6. the underground networks of the River Mbuta.

Sampling will consist in observing and collecting amphibians and reptiles over different times of day and night along predetermined paths depending on altitude and the variety of biotopes the scientists come across. The chants of the frogs will be recorded, because they help identify the species. Since it is known that the herpetofauna endemism increases with altitude in New-Guinea, the team will develop appropriate protocols to study the turnover of species communities proper to each altitude.

Rana sp. © Philippe Gaucher

Rana sp.
© Philippe Gaucher

Each specimen collected will be photographed in vivo, euthanized, collected for molecular analysis and preserved in diluted formalin for further analysis of its morphological characteristics.

The physical features of the habitats will also be emphasised.

The biological collecting specialists in the canopy will train the Indonesian partners in such procedures, and will contribute to other teams (botany) to help them with their sampling (orchids and other epiphytes).


© Philppe Gaucher

© Philppe Gaucher

Team member

Team leader Awal Riyanto Scientist Sampling, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Team leader Philippe Gaucher Engineer Climbing, sampling, systematic CNRS France
Amir Hamidy Scientist Amphibians, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Antoine Fouquet Scientist Sampling, barcoding CNRS France
Evi Arida Scientist Reptiles, taxonomy, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Jean-Marc Porte photographer Photography IRD France
Mulyadi Technician Amphibians, sampling RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Wahyudi Technician Sampling RCB-LIPI Indonesia