Ornithology team


The sampling strategy will consist in catching birds with appropriate invisible nets, fitted along paths within different ecosystems at various altitudes :

  1. the surroundings of the Nusa Ulan village, from the coastal area to the summits of the nearby mountains,
  2. the surroundings of the Wanoma village and slopes of the Seraran anticline,
  3. the slope of the Berari anticline along Lake Sewiki,
  4. the Berari summit,
  5. the surroundings of the Lobo village to the summit of the Lamansiere range,
  6. the forest surroundings of Cape Tanjung Boi,
  7. the underground networks of the River Mbuta.

Each specimen will be weighed, blood sampled (molecular analysis), measured and photographed. Each individual will be banded and released. Their chants will also be recorded.

The molecular and morphological analysis (plumage and general shape) will enable, for each bird, to establish the indexes of diversity and demography, and to identify potential different populations depending on the altitude or level of ecological complexity.

Calao © Laurent Pouyaud

© Laurent Pouyaud

Team members

Team leader Christophe Thébaud Scientist Sampling, barcoding Univ. Toulouse France
Team leader Haryoko Scientist Taxonomy, sampling RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Borja Mila Scientist Taxonomy, barcoding MNCN Madrid España
Hadi Wikanta Technician Sampling, referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Herman Warmetan Scientist Taxonomy UNIPA Manokwari Indonesia
Jean-Marc Porte photographer Photography*** IRD France
Mohammad Irham Scientist Taxonomy, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Suparno Technician Sampling, referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia