Mammalogy team


This team, which focuses on the study of mammals, is divided into 2 groups.

The first group will concentrate on terrestrial mammals such as marsupials (kangaroos, couscous, etc.), bats and rodents.

It will operate in various ecosystem types, and at various altitudes. The targeted areas are :

  1. the surroundings of the Nusa Ulan village, from the coastal area to the summits of the nearby mountains,
  2. the surroundings of the Wanoma village and slopes of the Seraran anticline,
  3. the slope of the Berari anticline along Lake Sewiki,
  4. the Berari summit,
  5. the surroundings of the Lobo village to the summit of the Lamansiere range,
  6. the forest surroundings of Cape Tanjung Boi,
  7. the underground networks of the River Mbuta.
Sigit Wiantoro, mammalogiste, posant un filet pour capturer des chauves-souris © Jean-Michel Bichain

Sigit Wiantoro, mammalogist, setting a net to capture bats
© Jean-Michel Bichain

It will collect its samples using nests or local hunters. Only one sample of each will be euthanized, the others only collected for genetic analysis.

The second group will focus on the cetaceans met in the backrush or maritime waters, and will list the species encountered.

It will work on the same sites as the marine team :

  1. Kumawa, opposite the village of Nusa Ulan and the Karang Derdi cape,
  2. Southern part of the Pulau Adi island along the drop-off of the Tumbu Tumbu island,
  3. South-eastern area of the Triton bay along the drop-off of the Pulau Buasai,
  4. South-eastern area of the Etna bay along the drop-off of the Tanjung Boi Cape

and will mainly concentrate on visual observations and counting techniques. Tissues will be collected using appropriate techniques and crossbows.

Terrestrian team members

Team leader Anang Ahmadi Scientist Rodents, taxo., barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Aksamina M. Yohanita Scientist UNIPA Indonesia
Apandi Technician Sampling, referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Gono Semiadi Scientist Taxonomy, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Jean-Marc Porte photographer Photography*** IRD France
Nanang Supriatna Technician Sampling, referencing RCB-LIPI Indonesia
Sigit Wiantoro Scientist Bats, Sampling, barcoding RCB-LIPI Indonesia

Marine team members

Team leader Sophie Querouil Scientist Cetaceans, barcoding IRD France
Irma. Cascao Scientist Cetaceans, ethology Univ. Azores Portuga
Mira Scientist Cetaceans RCO-LIPI Indonesia