Back to Sorong

Saturday 22nd November, from the APSOR in Sorong.

The journey to Sorong carries on smoothly. We dock at 5:30 pm. The students of the ASPOR are on the dock, waiting for us. They help us unload, which is very appreciated by all the passengers. The dhow, a little slower, arrives in the evening.

Max and Ghofir steering the Airaha 2 – Copyright : S. Quérouil / IRD

Max and Ghofir steering the Airaha 2 – Copyright: S. Quérouil / IRD

Our Indonesian colleagues arrived with the ferry in the morning. Each and every one accommodates themselves for the night, and then everyone gathers for dinner. Only Pa’Doc Jean is missing, he is lying in bed and feverish. Now that everyone has returned safely, it is his turn to need a rest (no worries, the very next morning he is already back up and about).

(translated by Lara Denis, L2 SVC–Life & Earth Sciences–UM2, France)