Passionate scientists share their life experience and their speciality

Sophie Quérouil interviews a few scientists involved in the Lengguru research programme.

The Lengguru research programme studies the processes and interactions between geodynamics – biodiversity – human societies within the karstic systems of Western Papua.

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In French :

Evy Ayu Arida (LIPI)
specialised in amphibians and reptiles


Hubert Camus (consultancy firm, CENOTE)


Christophe Cochet (IRD)
specialised in ichtyology and aquaculture


Vincent Droissart (IRD)
botanist specialised in epiphytic plants


Arnaud Faille (post-doctorate at the Museum of Zoology in Bavière, Munich)                                                                                                    entomologist specialised in underground fauna

Bruno Granouillac (IRD)
in charge of saving data


Borja Mila (National Museum of Natural History, CSIC, Madrid)   ornithologist


Jean-Christophe Pintaud (IRD)
botanist specialised in palm trees

Jean-Marc Porte (independent)


Sophie Quérouil (IRD)                                                                        cetacean specialist, educational project coordinator, blogger


Tony Robillard (National Museum of Natural History)
entomologist specialised in crickets


Jacques Slembrouk (IRD)
ichtyologist engineer; is part of the coordination and takes care of the logistisc of the expedition.


In English :

Indra Bayu Vimono (LIPI)
echinoderm specialist


Yayuk Rahayuninsyh (LIPI)
entomologist specialised in collemboles


Yosephine Tuti (LIPI)
gorgone and coral specialist


(translated by Lara Denis, L2 SVC–Life & Earth Sciences–UM2, France)