Bye bye Kumawa


Wednesday 19th November, from the Airaha 2. The morning consists in dismantling the camp and transferring equipment to the Airaha 2 and the dhow. The zodiacs are going back and forth to load the boats. Before leaving, the women gather to take a photo of the ladies of the expedition. Sylvie is missing, she went back to New Caledonia midway, … Continue reading

Back from the summits


Tuesday 18th November, from the camp in Kumawa. The mountain summit explorers (Vincent, Christophe, Antoine and Philippe, accompanied by Olivier) came back yesterday from their treck. The climb and the descent were very tough. Only Vincent and his guide, Deman, managed to reach the top at 1,425 meters, because it was so steep. The researchers and the guides had to … Continue reading


Monday 17th November, on board the Airaha 2. Waking up off the island of Tumbu-Tumbu: it’s paradise! The day’s schedule is à la carte. There is the choice between a walk round the island, snorkelling, diving by day or night; and it is possible to choose several options. Régis even proposes a first diving experience for the neophytes. The diving … Continue reading